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Benchmark Environmental Services is a cutting edge company that offers all you need to complete your environmental project. We offer consulting services from inspections, on-site investigations, remediation and restoration services.

BES has a wide variety of services to offer and the training and experience to back them up. Each job that is taken on is done with the highest quality as if we were doing it for ourselves!

Benchmark Environmental Services (BES) is a full service company offering services that will get you from start to finish on your environmental project.


BES is available to come and assess your situation and create a comprehensive plan to solve any issue. BES can see the project through from creation to completion with remediation, treatment, testing and restoration services. See below our current available areas of service and our up and coming areas.

  • Nationwide: Mold, Lead, and Asbestos Testing and Remediation
  • California: Mold Testing and Remediation


LEGAL “DUE DILIGENT” PHASE 1 ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT Per STATE LAW AND ASTM Standard 1527-05 – This is Benchmark’s most thorough environmental site assessment (ESA). This ESA is meant to conform to the applicable state law that the ESA is performed to, in addition to the USEPA AAI and ASTM regulation and standards. The purpose of this ESA is for complete Indemnification under the State Law. This is meant for a “Hold Harmless” agreement from the applicable state agency.

All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) Per EPA 40 CFR Part 312 & ASTM Standard 1527-05 – An AAI study will meet USEPA Law, not individual state law, and is the minimum mandatory for the user toward “limited” USEPA CERCLA liability indemnification.

Basic ASTM Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment – This assessment is based on an old ASTM 1527-00 standard, which does not qualify for EPA indemnification, but is often ordered to illustrate apparent environmental liabilities existing at a particular property or surrounding property. This study is most often used when a property is being refinanced or the loan amount is low (based on bank policy not state law) and a large risk is absent.

Modified Environmental Site Assessment – The “Modified” or “mini phase 1” as it’s commonly called, generally includes a site visit, database review and a review of one key historical source. Again, the Modified does not qualify for EPA indemnification.

In Addition – Any site assessment can be accompanied by a Mold, Lead, Asbestos, and/or Building Inspection.

  • Risk Based Tiered Approach to Cleanup Objectives (TACO)
  • Asbestos Material Inspection
  • Lead Materials Inspections
  • Mold Inspection & Remediation
  • Soil & Groundwater Remediation
  • Geotechnical Engineering & Soil Borings
  • Wetland Consulting
  • Subsurface Investigations
  • Tank Removal Closure Site Assessments
  • Tank Removal / Abandonment
  • Site Remediation
  • State Reimbursement Assistance

Assessments & More

  • Services for Minimal Due Diligence that meets SBA SOP 50-10 requirements
  • Formal report that includes a summary, conclusion, and recommendations signed and sealed by an Environmental Professional.

Additional Facts

  • Current Government environmental records are searched
  • Historical research & Sanborn fire insurance as available
  • A risk rating is provided by and Environmental Professional
  • Aerial photographs of property obtained

Available Studies

  • Risk Cheque Plus
  • Risk Cheque Standard
  • Risk Cheque Basic
  • Risk Cheque Screen

Risk Cheque Report (Plus, Standard, & Basic) – In most cases the Risk Cheque reports are used in cases when the loan is a refinance, the loan amount is low (based on bank policy not state law), or in “workouts’.. All RC reports includes a regulatory database review that is more detailed than the Rick Cheque Screen, and illustrates any possible environmental risks recorded associated with the subject site, or surrounding properties. Also included (based on level ordered) are summaries of city directories and Sanborn Fire Maps (as Available). This study does not qualify for EPA indemnification.

Risk Cheque Screen: The Environmental Loan Cheque provides a summary of state and federal government records in summary form associated with the subject site, or surrounding properties

  • HUD AAI Phase I ESA with Form 4128
  • HUD MAP 223(f) PCNA
  • HUD LEAN 223 (f) & (a) (7) PCNA
  • HUD 221 (d)4-A&E/Cost Review

  • Fannie Mae PNA
  • Freddie Mac PCR
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